This project primarily investigates the effects a virtual optic flowfield has on an observer’s perception of speed. Flowfields are superimposed onto a driving simulation that fills the observer’s entire peripheral vision.

A flowfield consists of numerous white snowflake-like dots that fill the screen. (It’s similar to the dots seen in time-travelling scenes in movies). The flowfield effect occurs when the observer perceives a change in speed due to the flowfield, compared to the predefined speed of the simulation.


In certain conditions, we’ve investigated how an observer’s perception of speed can change with modifying the parameters of the flowfield. We hope the results from this project can allow us to gain insight on the implications flowfields have on special effects technology and improving driving interfaces.

You Might Like This Project If…

  • You’re interested in applied research
  • You would be interested in analyzing data
  • You are interested in the perception of speed
  • You are interested in how virtual optics affects perception