Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn about scientific research in a positive working environment that encourages open lines of communication, group cohesion, and most of all, respect for everyone. We strive towards personal and professional excellence in pursuit of scientific knowledge. Instead of perfection, we value constant evolution towards improvement, both on an individual and a lab-wide basis – and in doing so, we aim to become a role model for other labs by setting the standards of a professional research laboratory.

Lab Member Responsibilities

As a member of the lab, you will be asked to think critically, show initiative in research, and actively participate in the lab. If you are asssigned to a project, you are responsible to your project leader and they are responsible for supporting your role. Your personal responsibilities:

  1. Learn about doing science
  2. Collect high-quality data
  3. Treat everyone with respect and help others in the lab whenever needed
  4. Keep yourself informed about lab-related issues
  5. Keep the lab in a clean and professional state, worthy of being a model academic lab
  6. Attend at least one lab meeting/social to meet everyone. It is also highly recommended that you attend lab meetings whenever possible
  7. Read all relevant portions of the lab manual
  8. Keep lab secrets a secret

Our Core Values

1. Treating everyone with respect.

Everyone has a right to…

  • Be heard.
  • Be kept informed of new developments in the lab.
  • Have as much access to lab facilities as possible.
  • Be given goals based on mutual discussion.
  • Everyone must in turn treat the lab environment and equipment with respect.

2. Maintaining a positive environment.

  • Keeping open lines of communication
  • Being courteous to everyone.
  • Maintaining temper at all times and not bringing in personal problems.
  • Minimizing social activities during experiment hours.
  • We encourage group spirit and teamwork.

3. Constant evolution in pursuit of scientific knowledge.

  • Everyone has something to learn. We encourage teaching others how to do something correctly, rather than simply doing it.
  • We recognize that mistakes can be made from time to time. Intentions are more important than performance.


We have only one general guideline: use your good judgment in all situations.

LAB ROLES: To view the various roles that are filled in the VCL, click here.