VCL Research Assistants


Research Assistants (RAs)…

  • Are members of the lab officially hired to carry out experiments
  • Take priority over Volunteers in using lab resources
  • Must dedicate a minimum of 9 hours per week to lab
  • Must be elected by senior RAs/Project Leaders and approved by Dr. Rensink

After a Volunteer has gained significant handle of the project in which they’re involved, they may be eligible to be an RA. An RA will be able to do everything that a Volunteer can do, but will be paid and will have priority in using the lab’s resources. An RA must commit at least 9 hours a week to agreed upon lab duties. Most Project Leaders have RA status. Typically, RAs are elected by their Project Leaders but final decisions about who fills these roles must be approved by Dr. Rensink.


Awards Received by VCL Members/Alumni

  • Graham McAllister, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2016)
  • Stephanie Stoltenberg, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2013)
  • Kailun Zhang, UBC International Community Achievement Award (2013)
  • Theo Rosenfeld, Andrew Wade Memorial Award in Visual Analytics (2012)
  • Carly Thornton, NSERC USRA (2012)
  • Emily Cramer, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2011)
  • Theo Rosenfeld, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2011)
  • Euphemia Wong, NSERC USRA (2011)
  • Chris Rogers, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2010)
  • Minjung Kim, York CVR Vision Science Summer School (2008)
  • David Shih, NSERC USRA (2007)
  • Thomas Dang, NSERC USRA (2006)
  • Will Chao, NSERC USRA (2005)
  • Keith Lao, NSERC USRA (2003, 2004)

The List is GROWING.

  • There must be more student awards! If you happen to know an undergrad award/funding opportunity that’s not listed here, please contact the manager so we can add it!