What is the UBC Visual Cognition Lab?

The UBC Visual Cognition Lab is a vision science lab in the Psychology Department of the University of British Columbia. Dr. Ronald A. Rensink is the principal investigator.

We investigate visual intelligence – the way in which the human visual system uses the light entering the eyes to create a variety of perceptual experiences. We are interested both in exploring the mechanisms that carry this out, and the ways in which this knowledge can help with the design of effective visual displays.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn about scientific research in a positive working environment that encourages open lines of communication, group cohesion, and most of all, respect for everyone. We strive towards personal and professional excellence in pursuit of scientific knowledge. Instead of perfection, we value constant evolution towards improvement, both on an individual and a lab-wide basis – and in doing so, we aim to become a role model for other labs by setting the standards of a professional research laboratory.