VCL Co-Pilots

Help science, learn how research works, and prepare for directed studies courses. Unlike volunteering, which requires a certain number of hours/week, you don’t need to have any background in research and you can help out whenever you want (no minimum hours!). If this sparks your interest, please send an e-mail to vcl.copilot.coordinator {at} with “VCL Co-Pilots” as the subject line.

Some ways you can help us out as a Co-Pilot

  • Coming in and observing experiments
  • Attending our lab meetings / project meetings as a guest
  • Data entry
  • Data analysis
  • Debriefing participants
  • Literature reviews
  • Signing in the incoming participants onto our experiment management system (& detecting fraudulent accounts)
  • Helping us out get more “media” into our website (pictures, videos… you can participate either by filming/taking photos or starring in one!)
  • …And more!

Before You Apply

  1. Take a look at our lab manual to get a rough idea on how our lab operates.
  2. Browse through our project pages and see if there are any projects you’d like to be a part of.